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Mrs. Jill Ballard, New Director of Admissions and Communications

By December 21, 2016Updates

We are excited to announce that the Board of Education has approved the hiring of Mrs. Jill Ballard as the new Director of Admissions and Communications.

Jill Ballard is blessed to bring nearly 20 years of impressive results and related experience to the school. Her diverse background includes leading human resources and recruiting efforts for two Fortune 500 companies – ConAgra Foods and Mutual of Omaha. Additionally, Ballard has experience in communications, event planning, wellness, ministry, and most recently education. She joined the teaching team at Lincoln Christian in the fall of 2016 by way of a transitional certification.

Mrs. Ballard has been an asset to Lincoln Christian and proven her commitment to the mission and vision of our school in the short time that she’s been here, serving as the K-4 PE teacher.  We’re excited to more fully utilize the unique combination of skills and experience she brings to the table, and we’re confident she will add tremendous value to our leadership team.  Ballard will help foster the culture of excellence Lincoln Christian School is committed to.

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