Learning about God’s world

In light of God’s Word

Since 1951

When we opened our doors in 1951 we were a school with 13 students and 1 teacher. We had a lot to prove as the first Christian school in Lincoln, but we’ve seen God continue to be faithful to us as we’ve grown over the past 70 years.

Lincoln Christian is the largest independent Christian school in the state and has earned a reputation in Lincoln for offering an academically challenging education that’s rooted in Biblical truth.

From the very beginning, our goal has been to encourage students to be good stewards of their hearts and minds as we instruct them in Biblical Truth – and we love seeing this happen in our school.

Now, Lincoln Christian has almost 900 students and over 90 staff members. We’re thankful to serve our community and invest in the hearts and minds of students each day.


The mission of Lincoln Christian School is to teach the Truth, through learning about God’s world in the light of God’s Word.


Every student will experience a life-changing Christian education that intentionally builds the Truth of the Gospel into every aspect of intellectual, physical, social and spiritual life.


We’ve identified 4 key values that summarize what we believe and how we strive to conduct ourselves in light of God’s Word.


We believe that the Truth of the Bible is absolute, and we use this Truth as the anchor for all instruction and activities.


We see parents, families and the local church as facilitators of what we teach, recognizing that it’s through these God-given relationships that we can experience the love of Christ.


We pursue excellence to bring God glory and encourage students to maximize their God-given potential through the development of their unique gifts and talents.


We seek to be transformed by the Holy Spirit as we equip and empower students to be “light” in our community and impact countless lives for Christ.


At Lincoln Christian, we believe investing in the hearts and minds of students is the most important element of our work. We think it’s incredibly valuable to develop young people with strong character and sharp minds, who understand how to live in accordance with the Word of God.

We’ve designed our various grade levels to meet the educational needs of students and call them to a high standard of excellence. We think being good stewards of our time with students means teaching them to understand their strengths and utilize their talents.


(3-5 years old)

We teach our preschoolers the joy of learning in a fun, yet directed school environment. Our goal is to emphasize creativity and individuality as well as group play and foundational learning.

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(K-6th grade)

Our primary students are eager learners who are excited to explore the world. We encourage students to work hard as they develop new talents and understand their God-give gifts.

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(7th -12th grade)

As students get older they begin to think more intentionally about the future. We work to equip students both academically and spiritually, giving them an identity rooted in Truth.

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Every student has a story

Knowing the story of each student is important part of what we do

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