Biblically stewarding generosity to support Christ-centered education since 1987.

Family Education Grant

Raising support for the Family Education Grant is the primary focus of the Lincoln Christian School Foundation. Through these needs-based grants to families, 1 in 3 students have the opportunity to receive a Christ- centered education.

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Capital Campaign

Through the generous giving of others partnering with the Foundation, our current Capital Campaign –Raising Leaders in Truth – is updating and expanding facilities to continue providing students with an excellent academic environment.


The Lincoln Christian School Foundation actively manages a $650,000+ endowment for the school.  The interest from the endowment is used to provide needs-based tuition grants for families with students from kindergarten to high school.

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Giving that impacts hearts and minds

Giving to Lincoln Christian School is about more than a financial contribution. It’s about sharing the Truth of the Gospel with the next generation of students.

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Cornerstone is a way for you to join with us in prayer and monthly giving to invest in students, families and the life-changing education of Lincoln Christian School.

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Leave a legacy of generosity that will impact young lives for many generations. A strategically planned estate gift can support the work of Lincoln Christian far into the future.

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