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Our over 1,400 alumni are serving as transforming influences in their homes, ministries, schools, and businesses in our city, state and the world.

Alumni Events

Alumni Basketball & Volleyball Tournament

It’s one of our favorite seasons at Lincoln Christian! And it wouldn’t be complete without our annual LCS Alumni Basketball and Volleyball Tournament.

  • Time: Friday night, March 26 and Saturday, March 27

If you are interested in playing please contact Mark Powell – 402-488-8888 ext 224.

Alumni Social

All LCS Alumni are also invited to gather at Buffalo Wings and Rings at 40th and Old Cheney (3845 Village Ln) on Friday, March 26 starting at 9pm for a social.

We look forward to seeing our alumni for this fun weekend!

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Hall of Honor

The Hall of Honor recognizes individuals who have brought glory to God by achieving high standards in the areas of scholastics, athletics and performing arts while demonstrating consistent, Godly character. This distinction is awarded to those who have tirelessly given of themselves in order to obtain a high level of accomplishment and have done so to honor our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. These men and women are role models for our students who will someday follow in their footsteps. We’re thankful for the legacy these inductees have provided to our school.

Phil Boehr

Betty Petersen

Andrew & Jairin Drevo

Herb & Pam Schrader

Bob & Mary Ellen Glenn

Melvin & Elfrieda Jones

Jim & Dara Peters

Jason & Renae Dworak

Jan Bretz

Marjorie Rohlfs

Levi Kroeker

Kathy Travis Miller

Don & Kathy Magee

Tom & Pat Dworak

Sam Nelson

Nick Orduna

Laurie Peate

Wes Shepard

Tracy Poppema Smith

Margaret Washburn

Matt Farup

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