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Core Values Series: A Senior’s Perspective on RELATIONSHIPS

Being at Lincoln Christian for nearly 10 years, I have had the opportunity to build relationships with all different kinds of people. From classmates to coaches, to faculty and staff, solid relationships through Christ truly define what LCS is all about. One of the four core values at Lincoln Christian is relationships, and there is nothing more important than relationships in this life. Through all of my classes and sports, instructors always find a way to incorporate the gospel into the daily routine. Through this, I have first of all learned what a relationship with Jesus Christ should look like, and having that faith allows me to have an unparalleled relationship with my classmates, teammates, and peers at LCS, it truly takes those relationships to another level.

One way I have seen these relationships truly make an impact in my life is through the LCS Football Program. When I became a senior in the LCS Football program I wanted the freshman to feel welcomed and loved, just like the seniors did for me when I was a freshman. Even doing little things like playing catch before practice, asking how their day was, or just taking the time just to teach them the plays a little bit better.

The main thing Coach Earl challenged us Seniors with is how we can use the gospel to truly strengthen those relationships. One way we did that was having several different slots during practice where the seniors could just share something that was on their heart according to the theme we picked out that week. Hearing our teammates’ hearts and getting to know them in that way is something truly amazing. Only the love of Christ can bring brothers together in that way. I can only get that at Lincoln Christian, and I am forever grateful for all of the relationships I have built with other people through Jesus Christ.

Written by Senior, Gunner Dworak

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