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Student Highlight: More than Business

LCS Senior Trent Lockard was recently accepted into the University of Nebraska at Lincoln’s College of Business Honors Academy.  With an extensive process, high-standard selection criteria, and only 40-45 students selected annually, this is an exceptional honor.

Trent started the process back in November of 2018 with an application and an essay. From those applications submitted, the University invited 150 students to interview on January 19, 2019. During the interview, Trent’s application was reviewed, and he was asked about goals and motivation. He was also given 10 minutes to complete a presentation with a small group. The presentation was in response to a quantitative or qualitative question. While he’s not allowed to share the exact question that was posed, he gave an example. ”if you had 1% of the national budget, and you wanted to use it on a transportation project for the nation, how would you do so?”

When asked what the hardest part of this process was, Trent said it was the interview hands down. “It forces you to solidify your goals. It’s hard to decide at this stage of life what you want to do. It was also a challenge to learn how to communicate in a confident and articulate way without being arrogant. As a Christian, this was important to me.” Trent chose to focus his comments on what he believes business is all about – people. “Servant leadership is not about the bottom line but truly helping people and the community around you.”

The Honors Academy is a four-year, cohort-based, enhanced business curriculum for high-ability students who have the potential and desire to become the next generation of business leaders. One of the things Trent looks most forward to is meeting his cohort and working together with them. Trent’s plans are to pursue a career in finance and then law afterward. His personal goal is to own a business. He’s always had an interest in the stock market and law and how the economy and law are connected.

Trent has had some strong role models that he believes have impacted his desire to pursue, and win, a spot in the Business Honors Academy. His older brother Trevor, a junior in the Honors Academy encouraged Trent to apply. Trevor was the first LCS graduate to be accepted into the program and also received the “Blackshirt Award” for leadership in the program through his connectedness to underclassman and through his service and leadership in the cohort.  Trent’s father impacted his motivation too. “My dad is not just a banker. He invests in his employees, supports non-profits, and helps the community around him. I want to grow a business that honors Christ and reminds people we’re not just in this for ourselves.”

At Lincoln Christian School, we continually challenge the students to remember that whatever direction God leads them after LCS, He wants to use them for more than a career; He wants to use them for more Kingdom impact! Trent is a great example of a student who has caught that vision and understands that wherever he lands, ultimately it’s “more than business.”

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