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Core Values Series: A Senior’s Perspective on TRUTH

By April 25, 2021May 4th, 2021Student Articles

In the Lincoln Christian Statement of Faith, Truth is the first Core Value listed. It talks about how, as a body, we believe that the Bible is the only infallible, authoritative word of God. And this belief is taught in every class, from Bible class all the way to math and science. In every subject, we explore the nature and character of God as it is revealed in His Word. At Lincoln Christian, we learn how to view the world from a Biblical perspective, building a stronger and stronger foundation every day. But it’s not just when school is in session when we are being shown and taught truth from God’s word. From drama and clubs to athletics, coaches and teachers are investing in the students and athletes and helping us understand God’s life, grace, and hope-giving truth.

Since my first day at Lincoln Christian, I have continued to grow more in my relationship with Jesus than I ever thought was possible. I went from finally understanding the Gospel and Jesus’s life, to battling the hardest questions imaginable from a Biblical perspective. I can now confidently say that I feel equipped to go out into the world, with the armor of God and skills to battle and struggle through the hard questions in life. I know that there will be plenty of trials in the near and distant future, but I have the hope of the Gospel, and a personal relationship with Jesus to get me through the hard and easy times.

 Without the truth of the Gospel which is presented every day at Lincoln Christian, so many students would be lost. But by God’s good grace, His Word is being taught and explored at Lincoln Christian. We are truly blessed to be able to receive a Christian education. As a senior, I can truly say that Lincoln Christian has set a sturdy foundation on which I can live and stand resilient in the face of any trial. 

Written by Senior, Ally Niday

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