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A Student’s Perspective: What LCS Means to Me

I first came to Lincoln Christian when I was in the fifth grade. In the midst of many changes that came with moving to a new city, I was initially excited to attend a smaller Christian school, but I didn’t fully know what to expect. What would it be like to attend a Christian school? What does it look like to have faith in the classroom? Exactly how different would it be from other schools? Would I make friends? These questions were answered throughout my time at LCS. Now looking back as a senior, I wish that I, as a fifth grader, would have known how attending LCS from elementary to high school would be such a blessing.

When I go to school every day, I go for more than simply learning math, science, and English concepts. While I highly value academics, I love going to a school where the focus is on biblical truths. Incorporating faith into education does not stop in Bible class. The importance of living for Christ is emphasized in every classroom, during pep rallies, in the hallway, and even in every-day conversations. Attending Lincoln Christian has provided me with an environment where I can continue to grow in my faith. This environment is only made possible because of the support provided by teachers, administration, and staff at LCS.

When others ask me what I love about LCS, my first answer is always the truly amazing teachers and staff. They are intentional in investing in the lives of students inside and outside of the classroom. Whether I am stressing over finals week or freaking out about my future life decisions, I know I have so many people I can talk to that genuinely care. My teachers have also challenged me to become more mature in my faith by having these everyday conversations and in leading by their own example. As I approach graduation in just a few months, I’m overwhelmed by the realization of how much influence this school has had in my life, and truly appreciative of what LCS means to me.

~Emily Kraai

Senior 2019

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