Kallie Ayoub

Elementary Art


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About Me

I am passionate about all things creative! This consists of making earrings, baking beautiful desserts, and party planning. In my free time, I am either making earrings, hanging out with friends, trying new recipes, or trying to keep up with my nephews. My family consists of my parents, two sisters, a brother-in-law, and as I said above, my four sweet nephews. My biggest passions in this life are Jesus, family, relationships, and making beautiful things. I don’t need much more than that!

Church: Lincoln Berean Church

Volunteer Roles: Vacation Bible School


Teaching to me is not only stewarding students God-given abilities, but also being able to steward their personal faith in Jesus. I love to keep a refreshing atmosphere with positive reinforcement and praising the talents God gave each student. I know every child has their strengths, so my goal as a teacher is to help them excel in those areas while also fostering the growth in the other areas. I am grateful to be a part of Lincoln Christian where I can teach students about their strengths and the amazing Creator who instilled these in them.