Bethany Stamps

Elementary School Biblical Counselor and Instructional Coach

(402) 488-8888 x

About Me

After living all over the U.S. for last 22 years, it’s incredible to get back to the “Good Life” of Nebraska. I love spending time with my family, laughing, exploring new places, and doing life together. I enjoy outdoor activities where I can appreciate God’s creation. Some of my favorite things are paddleboarding, backcountry hiking, and biking. I am also an avid reader and baker.

Church: Christ Place

Volunteer Roles: Three Year Old Sunday School Teacher, Adult Small Group Leader


As a Christian educator, I believe in taking a whole child approach to teaching. Student development occurs through relationship with Christ and discipleship. Growth blossoms from this foundation by promoting emotional health, fostering lifelong learners with mental resilience, and kindling physical stewardship. I am passionate about teaching students they are more than what they do or what people say about them.