School Board

    On behalf of the School Board, thank you for your involvement with Lincoln Christian School! LCS provides a great environment for a Christian education, but we are only one leg of a three-legged stool, partnering with parents and the church to develop a solid Christian foundation for our students.

    I am amazed by the passion and commitment of our faculty and staff, as I observe them in a variety of situations throughout the year. LCS seeks to hire staff that is fully committed to educating students about God’s world in light of God’s word, and I am thankful for their dedication.

    I also marvel at the commitment of our school families who are so fully engaged in their children’s education through volunteering in the classroom, with other school activities, and through giving and praying for LCS. We are also thankful for the friends of LCS who faithfully support us financially, allowing LCS the opportunity to be a light to the community and offer a God-honoring, academically excellent education.

    We welcome your questions and comments about LCS. Please feel free to email the board at

    Board Members

    Keith Miles


    Mark Canfield

    Vice President

    Tom Teckmeyer


    Ryan DeHaan


    Chris Bubak

    Al Korte

    Bill Lahman

    Aaron Marshbanks

    Andrea Schneider

    Sean Stewart

    Todd Hohlen